Burial / Cremation


The choice is very personal

When considering either burial or cremation, the choice is very personal, based on a number of factors including private, societal, or religious beliefs. In some instances, preferences are known before death; in others, the family will be making the decision.

Following a funeral service that includes burial, many of those who have gathered continue on to the cemetery with the hearse in a processional. The choice of a burial can include a short graveside, or committal, service at the cemetery. Those who have served our nation in the military will be offered military honors, which will usually occur at the cemetery. Sometimes, families include unique and memorable events at this time.

Choosing a cremation usually means that a burial is delayed or declined. In the event of a delayed burial, the same services are available as mentioned above, including military honors. Sometimes, families choose to decline formal burial entirely, opting to keep the ashes indefinitely or to hold a scattering service at a remote location at their convenience.