We will ask you questions and more questions. This will be the case whether you are pre-arranging or whether someone has just died and you are making arrangements for them. There are about a million questions — or so it seems. We need information for the legal paperwork; we need information for the obituary; we need information for the items chosen for the funeral.

A funeral is an event. There’s no way around it. A funeral director is going to help you accomplish in a few days a mountain of tasks that will result in beautiful ceremony designed to honor your loved one. So we have to ask questions.

But I have heard you. You want to have a way to get some of these questions done before you arrive in our office. The attached form is one that we place in our pre-arrangement packet, designed to get you on track for the information we need.

You can use this form for pre-arranging; or if a loved one has died, you can fill in as much as possible ahead of coming to the arrangement conference.

Of course, you don’t have to do this ahead of time. We are here to walk you through every step.

Download Pre-arrangement Questionnaire (PDF)